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5 Exercises to be a Beast in the Bedroom

  • May 11, 2016

These days i’m not training to fight in the ring or the cage. I  am not back squatting to be effective from the clinch, the only thing I’m beating up these days are ass cheeks.

Cardio is king

Look, if you are out of breath in the first 2min & sweating like you are hangin in a sauna, then i’m talking to YOU. Knock out 15-30min of interval running/stairmaster or jumping rope, and if you are on injured reserve then stick to the elliptical stepper.

Hard to the core.

Yes, I used the term core to refer to the abdominal muscles. Even though i very much dislike the term, it’s one that all seem to understand. The standard crunch still kills those abs, but so will hollow rocks and planks. If you aren’t familiar with those, don’t worry, there’s pictures & links below.

My, what strong arms you have. All the better to hold you with, my dear.

It’s one of the 1st things that women seem to notice 1st. Its very common for her to touch your arms during an embrace And you will see her eyes light up just a little bit when she is grabbing a piece of iron that most would call an arm

  • Stick to simple movements. Bicep curls both hammer (pronated) and supinated are the easiest way to make those puppies pop.
  • Tricep extensions with a cable and tbar attachment are king when it comes to the back side of the arms, along with single arm kickbacks to match.

Carrying the load

Make sure that you mid & low back are able to take the constant thrusting & motion. Sounds kinda foolish, but you have to hold yourself up for an extneded period of time, & sometimes ya gotta hold her up too.

  • Wide grip cable pull downs & or pull ups.
  • Bent over (pendaly) rows

Develop a strong base

Lets face it, all chest, no legs…makes jack not only a dull boy, but also makes him look unbalanced as hell. And from what i have seen & heard, WOMEN LIKE GUYS WITH ASS AND LEGS TOO!

  • Back squats (break paralel)
  • Ham string curls
  • Calve rasies.