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Spot A Cheater: 5 Ways You’re Being Played.

  • October 30, 2016

Listen you can’t stop those with their own agenda. And the truth is if someone is going to try and run game on you, there isn’t a lot you can do about it. But there are some tell tale signs that they might be out for self.


  1. Limited amounts of information

Ever have that one person that you meet that will only communicate via DM or email/text but won’t ever answer the phone, or seems to call you back after you have called? Yeah…. That’s super suspect. I would keep track of how often that happens over a period of time, then make my decision. By this point, you should be passed “demanding an explanation” as you probably already know the deal and you should act accordingly.


  1. There’s no place like home.

“Why don’t i pick you up at home?” “um…NO… that’s ok I’m already out, so i will just meet up with you”. If this type of conversation is happening with frequency, then something is amiss for sure. I don’t mean you’re being played, but something isn’t “right” at home. Maybe they live with a significant other, or a roommate when they claimed to live alone, or possibly live at home with their parents…. The point is you need to get to the bottom of the issue.


  1. Won’t take calls in front of you.

Why do they always hit ignore when a call comes in? Why won’t they speak to their family member in front of you? Do they always leave the room if they have to make a call? These are internal questions that should be asked and made note of, even if you don’t ask them straight away.


  1. Always with the attitude.

Why is it every time you ask them a question about a personal matter they get upset or angry? Not the normal type of “how was your day” kind of banter, but real questions. Like “where did you go yesterday” or “, “I thought you were at work” & so on. I’m not suggesting that you should turn into Sherlock Holmes, but if the person in question always seems to be agitated when you ask them relatively innocent questions, that’s a big fat red flag.

People who are usually shifting the blame in these situations are usually projecting and trying to make this about you instead of them.


  1. Never the plastic, always the green.

Why are they always paying with greenbacks? Do they just prefer cash or is it that someone is trying not to leave a paper trail? It’s not a guarantee that its suspect, but it would be something to take notice of.