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What you SHOULD know about your trainer

  • October 3, 2016

Go on any social media and look for trainers and we come out of the wood work like roaches, yes ROACHES… I said it.


Truth be told most trainers have the best of intentions…. But many don’t have the background to instruct a client on how to rack a bar, never mind teach them how to lift safely and effectively.


The is JUST MY OPINION of what should set off alarms when working with a new trainer.


“Go hard or go home”

This is the trainer that is going to show you everything you have been missing with your previous trainers, all in the 1st session.


They over program/work you until you can’t breathe, can’t see, and can’t walk. They want to show you how “amazing” they are by killing you on the 1st outing.


Guess what, if they do that before they have any real idea of what your limitations may be and what you are capable of, THEN THEY ARE ON THAT ROOKIE STATUS. If you can’t physically function for the next 3 days after your session, then what good is your trainer? You won’t be able to train effectively for almost a week. Bad idea.


“Trust me I’m huge/lean/fit”

Any trainer worth their salt (yep I’m that old where I can use that term) had better be in pretty good shape if they expect clients to follow their lead, but that doesn’t mean that they are a great coach and mentor.


They have to be able to convey their experience and knowledge in a way that resonates with you as a client (AKA it has to make sense).


Just because your trainer can stay on a super strict eating program doesn’t mean you can. If they are giving you cookie cutter nutrition programs that only deal with contest prep, then how will you learn to eat effectively? They need to TEACH you WHY you are doing what you are doing.


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to go to a restaurant with friends and be social. That doesn’t mean I need to come off my good eating habits. But if all I know is boiled chicken & asparagus then I’m totally screwed. FOLLOW A TRAINER THAT CAN FOLLOW YOUR LIFE STYLE.


“I went to school for this and have a degree so…”

SO WHAT!? you have no idea how many incompetent trainers I have met that actually hold a kinesiology degree and nutrition certifications.


Find a trainer that can relate to you as a person. Have they had the same struggles as you with training/injuries/nutrition? Real world experience coupled with proper education for a trainer is PARAMOUNT! Sometimes a trainer will make you push harder than you think you are able to, but that should be because they know what you are capable of, not just because.


I have coaches that I pay for training and programing. I select them on what they have accomplished and what their clients have accomplished. When I selected an Olympic lifting coach I enlisted Moji Aluwa, who is currently a successful body builder, but even more impressive (to me) was the fact that he is a 2x Olympian for Olympic weightlifting. The wealth of knowledge is endless for me.


When I selected a coach to program my workouts I selected Mike Tromello (precision Crossfit). I didn’t select him for his abilities, I selected him because he has had great success with Masters athletes (as well as the younger divisions). His track record is impressive and I wanted to be a part of that.


“Hurry! Sign up now for $10 a session!”

Please… Becoming a legit trainer/coach cost ALOT OF MONEY & HOURS! these trainers that charge pennies on the dollar are usually worth about as much (I’m talking about the 1 on 1 situations not class settings). Just like any profession, a legit CPT should charge a fair rate for what they offer IF they know what they are doing.


I don’t know it all, but I know enough to realize that I still have a ton of stuff to learn…..